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  1. It been said multiple times before by various media outlets; the Packers wide receivers struggle to get open against press-man or underneath-man coverage. Defensive backs are able to stick with the Packers’ wide receivers like...well Bart Starr Jersey, like Lester Hayes would stick to anything. Aaron Rodgers is then forced to hold on to the ball and improvise, waiting for someone to come open. It rarely worked, and the offense has at times looked anemic.Throughout the week 12 match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jim Schwartz, conductor of Philadelphia freight-train-strong top-5 defensive unit, decided not to press the Green Bay receivers like many of his peers have in the past. Instead, on multiple occasions, the Eagles defenders played a lot of soft coverages in both zone and man to man schemes. oft”, or “Off” coverages are when the cornerbacks start around 5 yards off the line of scrimmage and, upon the snap of the ball, immediately backpedal to cover anything over the top, leaving the underneath routes open.Let take a look at two different ways that the Green Bay Packers took advantage of this type of coverage.First Play: First Quarter, 3:40 remainingThis one was just too easy.The Eagles start out with 8 men in the box to counter the three running backs that the packers have in the backfield, playing a Cover 1 defense. This means that the cornerbacks are in man to man coverage on the outside receivers, the safety has deep zone coverage, three of the four linebackers are matched up with the running backs, and the extra man in the box can be used in a myriad of ways. As Randall Cobb motions to the top of the screen from the backfield, the Eagles scramble to change their coverage. The free man in the box, #23 Rodney McLeod, begins to retreat to his normal safety spot while the lone deep safety, #27 Malcolm Jenkins, starts to slide over to the bottom of the screen. Leodis McKelvin, the top corner Micah Hyde Jersey, slowly starts to backpedal. With Nelson loss of speed this year, I not exactly sure why theye playing so far back, but you have to ask Jim Schwartz about that. The coverage then shifts from Cover 1 to Cover 2 Zone; the two safeties now split the deep zone coverage, the cornerbacks have the outside short zone, while the linebackers cover the underneath hook zones. Cover 2, when run well, can be a tremendous defense. Depending on the positioning of certain defenders, however, there are weak spots to attack. In this case, the cornerbacks play a soft zone; their dropbacks are a little deeper and are in position to cover intermediate routes. This puts increased pressure on the linebackers to cover all short areas of the field. What really makes this play effective, though, is the route combination by Cobb and Jordy Nelson at the top of the screen. In order to increase the traffic and coverage responsibilities of the linebackers, Cobb and Nelson both run in-breaking routes; more specifically, Cobb runs a drag route and Nelson runs a seam route trying to split the coverage of the safeties. If the outside linebacker (or in this case, Safety Malcolm Jenkins) sits on the flats to the outside, Cobb will be open before he gets to the inside linebacker zone. If that defender sticks with Cobb, the flat will be open. In this case, the linebacker gets drawn to the inside defending Cobb and Nelson, leaving Ty Montgomery able to leak out of the backfield with no one near him. All Rodgers has to do is dump the ball off to his playmaker and let him pick up the easy yardage.Second Play: First Quarter, 1:41 remainingIt clear that the Philadelphia defense has shown this type of coverage before, the Packers coaching staff identified it during the week preparation, and made changes to their gameplan. In previous weeks, it seemed as if the offense wouldn break the huddle with more than 10 seconds on the play clock. This just isn ample enough time to make the reads and checks that Rodgers wants to make During week 12 against the Eagles, the offensive playcalls came in quickly and allowed the offense to play the exciting up-tempo style wee all seen before. Look at the play clock below: The offense, going no huddle, is ready to snap the ball with 18 seconds to go. With 10 seconds left on the play clock, Rodgers begins to make adjustments as the defense has revealed their hand. The defense again shows Cover 1, but instead of motioning a running back from the backfield, Rodgers changes the playcall. Both cornerbacks are again backed off of their receiver with Leodis McKelvin, covering Jordy Nelson at the top of the screen, more so than his Eagle teammate. He starts backpedaling before the snap, giving Nelson more cushion than a waterbed on the moon. Seeing McKelvin back off, Rodgers checks to a smoke screen to Nelson and lets Jordy do the rest. It important to note what the rest of the offense does here. All linemen run block to their left side, and all of the running backs (except Montgomery, who fires straight out) take steps to their left in order to sell the run to that side. What most important, however, is the blocking of right tackle Bryan Bulaga. The defensive end to Bulaga side, Brandon Graham, is the only defender in a position capable of affecting the quick pass to Nelson. If Bulaga fires off the line for a downhill run block toward Graham, the end is taught to set the edge, maintain separation, and read the play in an upright position as the run is either going up the middle, or coming toward him. Graham body positioning would be in a good spot to jump into the passing lane. If Bulaga gets into his pass set, there is a yard of separation (something all defensive lineman want) for Graham to quickly get his hands up and tip the pass. If Bulaga instead blocks down to the inside leaving Graham open, this definitely reads as a run. What kind of pass protection scheme leaves a speed rush defensive end to go unblocked? Graham has three options to cover in this scenario; a kickout block coming his way from another lineman or possibly running back, a run to his far right side and he now has backside contain, and he has to respect the threat of a read option. It a lot to think about over the course of a week, much less a split second. Graham, having seen a lineman down block many times before, has his body instincts take over and read the play as a far-side run. He takes two steps forward and begins to change direction down the line of scrimmage as he follow Bulaga block by the time the ball is sailing over his head. Graham eyes see what happening the entire time and his torso tries its hardest to follow the ball in a flurry of limbs, but his legs are just too far behind to make any difference and the pass is completed with ease.Monday night game against the Eagles was both a good example of the Packers’ offensive strengths and the Eagles’ schematic failure to shut down those strengths. If the Green Bay coaching staff can continue to find ways to exploit schematic mismatches, I have full confidence in the offense going forward. The defense, however, is for another discussion entirely.If there are other plays, players or schemes you would like to see covered by Bob in his film breakdowns, leave a comment below!
  2. We change aspects of the ball currently, just after using a nearer seem at a excellent (if not always deep) Falcons offense. It's upon towards the security, exactly where greatest of the most significant modifications the Falcons will view in just 2016 comprise arrive.Defensive conclusion is where by we'll commence, and it's a person of the highest unsettled work upon the roster. It's unbelievably prospective that prior to all is stated and finished, the Falcons will wind up actively playing Derrick Shelby, Vic Beasley, Adrian Clayborn, Jonathan Babineaux Levine Toilolo Jersey, Ra'Shede Hageman, Courtney Upshaw, Brooks Reed, and a handful of some others at conclude, and merely a handful of these avid gamers will basically guy close finish season. For the uses of this write-up, I'm merely heading in the direction of publish pertaining to the gamers who are slam dunk defensive finishes utmost of the year, which signifies Vic Beasley's moving in direction of be showcased inside outdoors linebackers even if I feel he'll take his snaps at finish.Derrick Shelby, StarterShelby was a extensively praised signing, a newbie manufacturing below $5 million a year considering that he wasn't a genuine comprehensive period participant inside Miami. His for every snap generation, nastiness, and means fastened crank out him a good match for this Falcons security, and I absolutely expect he'll be a person of the product's improved gamers.Shelby confirmed an power towards hurry the passer inside of Miami, albeit upon a section season foundation, and incorporates the dimensions and energy in the direction of be an asset versus the function. He'll kick within just towards defensive handle Really a little bit upon nickel seems to be, still he ought to be the beginner at close within the foundation protection, and he really should be Good.Ra'Shede Hageman, StarterHageman isn't likely toward perform a whole lot of conclusion within just nickel sets unless of course harm strikes, and he's not relocating in the direction of perform a good deal within just crystal clear passing scenarios Bryce Harris Jersey, period of time. For all that, I which include the personnel's system towards shift him towards finish and believe he'll maybe be a pressure there upon very first and instant down.Hageman's excellent aspect is his extraordinary sizing and electrical power, and procedure incorporates been his weak spot. As soon as he's up towards tackles and coming off the benefit, where by he really should be capable in the direction of employ the service of that energy a minor extra fundamentally without the need of getting to be tangled up, he must fare greater. If he's seriously greater within just his 3rd calendar year, which tends in direction of be a imperative year for defensive linemen, Hageman may well ultimately evolve into the stress we've been making an attempt for. At the unbelievably minimal, count on him towards be excellent versus the work this calendar year.Adrian Clayborn, Form of StarterUltimately Clayborn may well pretty much out snap Hageman, even if I count on the latter in direction of be stated as a newbie. That's for the reason that the Falcons engage in a good deal of nickel, and Clayborn's relocating towards be inside at conclusion (with Shelby at defensive manage) in just all those conditions.A yr back, Clayborn was just one of the highest thriving move rushers upon the employees, which isn't boasting a great deal however does signify what can come about if he's permitted towards roam additional at defensive conclusion (as he will be) with an greater defensive entrance. The Falcons will mainly question him in the direction of pin his ears back again and move soon after quarterbacks, and heCourtney Upshaw, ReserveGonna consider a jump right here and say Upshaw will participate in nearer in the direction of the line than initially predicted. He's perfect in opposition to the operate and a thus as a result go rusher who weighs within a little bit hefty for a linebacker, therefore When he'll most likely take some snaps upon the durable aspect, I've arrive toward feel his much better in good shape is an early down defensive conclusion. We'll view if the Falcons concur.Malliciah Goodman, ReserveGoodman is possibly struggling UDFA Ivan McLennan for a vacation spot, and we'll discuss regarding him far more inside of a moment. He's a potent function defender who hasn't at any time mentioned substantially as a move rusher, and regrettably he's almost certainly ignored his prospect in direction of press for far more snaps. If he lands upon the squad, he'll be a deep e-book and exceptional teamer, and perhaps even a gameday inactive at instances.Ivan McLennan, ReservePeople reporting upon the employees and included with the staff members maintain telling us in the direction of continue to keep an eye upon McLennan, and consequently we're listening. The Falcons appear to be in all probability in the direction of deploy him at defensive conclude if he helps make the staff members, and he is made up of good quality athleticism and remarkably Fantastic instincts for a participant who wasn't drafted. History the popularity absent for at this time, yet wear't be impressed if he shoves Goodman off the roster.This is an attention-grabbing local community Sean Renfree Jersey, at the Quite minimum, with one particular detailed participant (Shelby) and a handful of adult males who get the job done very well possibly towards the operate or as go rushers, still not genuinely either. We'll view if my projected roles retain up higher than through the year the time rolls close to, however once again, this is 1 of the hardest jobs in direction of determine out Jake Long Jersey.
  3. In the interest of trying something new, and with the never-ending interest in HASHTAG CONTENT, we now debut a weekly piece in which we ask the BRB staff a relevant Texans topic. This week topic:What realistic change would you make to the Texans’ offense right now in hopes of improving performance, other than a QB swap? Let see what the staff has to say on the matter...Chris HDH:First and foremost, get Lamar Miller more carries on the edge and continue to work in Akeem Hunt when able. You can telegraph it too much with Hunt, but I love to see a crack toss or two, or get him some runs on the outside some way, somehow. Maybe even motion Hunt out to the slot and have him run some drag routes. I have no idea what the cure to the chemistry woes with DeAndre Hopkins and Brock Osweiler are, but maybe move Hopkins around more and more until they find something that works. I think someone else will expand on that later in this entry Custom Jersey, so Il leave it to them.BattleRedCoat:As was mentioned against the Colts by the announcers: Play Nuk in the slot.Brock doesn't make many throws outside the numbers. When he does, they're not great. He loves checking it down to the tight ends on short routes or looking for them quickly over the middle.So why not put our best receiver running routes where Brock can make use of him? Hopkins seems wasted for 95% of the game lining up out wide.It also plays to Nuk's strength as he's a great route runner and could win on some quick slants. With his good hands, he would catch a lot over the middle.Basically, continue to make the plays that have been working—the quick throws over the middle to receivers.Or, failing putting Nuk in the slot, put Will Fuller there. Same reasons, apart from the hands, but Fuller speed could be lethal. Mike Bullock:Cut out the seven-step drops and running Lamar Miller up the middle. Move to a more west coast style offense where guys like Miller, Fuller and Nuk can get the ball in space and use their talent to make plays. That would take a lot of strain off Brock and lets the explosive players do explosive things. Luke Beggs:EVERY TIME THEY'RE ON THE FIELD, I HEAR YAC YAC YAC. Terrible Kendrick Lamar references aside, a small but rather doable adjustment would be to scheme in more pick and screen plays to allow for yards after the catch for the Texans receivers. We're not going to punish teams downfield anytime soon, but we can scare the almighty crap out of them with Will Fuller's speed and Braxton Miller's elusiveness. It also wouldn't hurt to get Lamar Miller the ball in the passing game.Matt Weston:[Editor note: Yes, Matt, we understand Brock is the problem. Learn the rules!] The issue here is Brock Osweiler. They paid $16 million for a QB that put up similar numbers in seven games as Teddy Bridgewater and Brian Hoyer did. Those guys are a second year player taken with the last pick of the first round and someone who was making $3.5 million a year. Despite adding skill players and more talent, Houston offense has gone from below average to one of the worst in the league. The difference here is a drop in offensive line play and quarterback play--see Nick Martin and Derek Newton injuries, as well as Jeff Allen over Brandon Brooks. Everything else on the offense is better. Osweiler was capable when he was throwing the ball down field. Now that he can't see the downfield misses to DeAndre Hopkins and takes Will Fuller out of the end zone since teams started playing two deep, Osweiler is worthless. He doesn't have the ball placement. He makes terrible decisions. He forces passes. He 's fortunate to have thrown only 14 interceptions instead of 20 Texans Shop. Scour the passing leader boards and Osweiler is at the bottom of every category. Except for one—interceptions thrown. YEAH, there are scheme things the Texans can do differently. Putting DeAndre Hopkins in the slot and using him as Larry Fitzgerald is a fun change of pace Derek Newton Jersey. Running more outside zone runs and getting Lamar Miller outside the tackles instead of running him down the pipe on power runs is something that should be done. Quick passes are nice in theory, but Osweiler doesn't have the quick decision-making or accuracy to do that. Running more play-action and bootleg passes, running more pick plays to beat man coverage, throwing the ball deep five times a game rather than twice are all other examples. In the end, it comes down to Osweiler. The run offense isn't good enough to carry this team. It's up to him to play better. Until he does, I don't think there is some magical code to detonate this offensive explosion we are all so close to seeing. Capt. Ron:The play designs and play-calling could be better to take advantage of opponents, but that is probably asking too much at this point in the season. The most you can hope for is three to five new play designs that can be installed in a given week.Maybe put Braxton Miller in at QB and run some wildcat? I just don't know. Aside from rearranging the receivers, which may be nay impossible if this damn scheme is so complicated that it might introduce even MORE confusion to these young players, it really comes down to Brock just needing to do his job better.UprootedTexan:Quicker passes by Osweiler. He's looked skittish in the pocket since jump street and I think it was BFD who said that Osweiler's best throws came when he didn't think and just threw. If they start working in some short, quick, no-thought throws that get the ball out of his hands in less than two or three seconds, it might help Osweiler build some damn confidence and light a fire under this craptastic offense.Tim:You know what I do? I intently study whatever the heck it was that Brock Osweiler was so comfortable with during the Texans’ first two drives against the Titans back in Week Four. Those two drives were as good as the Texans’ offense has looked all season. The offensive play-calling was balanced, but there were more passing plays than running plays. Osweiler looked legitimately poised, efficient, and productive, completing eight of the nine passes he threw for two TDs.Even if you want to cite the Titans’ poor secondary as part of the reason for that success, the fact remains that something was working for Brock Osweiler. Find it and bottle it again.Hopefully this will foster some interesting discussion. Yes, yes I know - Osweiler is the main problem. All we have all done all year is cry about Osweiler, so I trying to get a bit more creative thought out of us here.What say you, BRB? What realistic things would you try to do to get more out of the offense right now? Not offseason moves, not trades, not sweeping firings - realistic and right now. Feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below, and look for the BRB Question of the Week next week!