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  1. Brazil World Cup launched the fourth generation superfly. Fly line, knit vamps, carbon fiber outsole, dynamic collar, Nike put their top technology in football shoes all focused on a pair of shoes. Compared to the previous three generations of hard as a dog's dog's upper, the fourth generation in the replacement of the upper material at the same time, reducing the number of fly line, SF4 touch ball felt a qualitative leap. Lightweight, good touch, Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,feel neat shot neat, SF4 is undoubtedly the past two years the actual combat share. Nike really need at this time a pair of "champion" shoes to regain the city - this shoe is bound to cause a sensation in the market, a great success, "hook" figure is bound to once again flooded the road, Stadiums, residential and office buildings, or on the pressure-sensing runway donated by Knight for the University of Oregon. In September last year, Nike CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker) began to prepare for this goal. He told some analysts and investors that Nike would learn from Addition and draw on past successes to win today's market. At the same time, he also announced that Cortez series will return to the market. Nike management on investor conference day depicts a convincing future prospects, but the current situation is not the case, the stock price performance is also very good, given the slowdown in economic growth in the United States, we have reduced the short-term assessment expectations , But this did not change our forecast for May FY2017 as well as the target price, which means there is limited upside for the share price and therefore the stock price is downgraded.