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plank of Japan

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export 600 thousand yuan of plank of Japan, old boss nods baked wheaten cake in public. When order is little, fu Qing lets his factory stop production, allow not much order to Wood Plank Concrete Patio Floor enterprise of form a complete set. 2011 Japanese seismic sea wave, fu Qinglian add all employee of enterprise of form a complete set of 2 months allowance, tarry worker, had opened crisis, order is gotten more now busy come nevertheless.

On March 12 midday, the reporter will to blessing celebrate a workshop, do not hear what formaldehyde flavour, the workshop is neat and orderly. Worker Liu master sees there are two wood chips below the foot, took broom. "Japanese client comes over to check regularly, just went yesterday. Japanese client says,Agricultural Waste Wood Composite Deck without good environment, do not have good product. Accordingly, japanese client went, our worker holds the ground self-consciously also clean. Our worker holds the ground self-consciously also clean..

Fan Yihuan thinks Fu Qing and small Composite Split Rail Fencing company win-win basically did 4 things: It is to pay attention to technology and talent, help small small company groom talent. 2 it is bankroll gives aid to with all sorts of allowance, remove small company trouble back at home. 3 it is to give small small company to offer order form directly. Wpc Deck Wholesale


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