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dry solid wood floor

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Winter dry solid wood floor insulation with the advent of the heating season, the floor of the winter maintenance problems placed in front of many owners. Experts remind the public, due to dry winter, in order to prevent floor cracks too much, the owners to enjoy the warmth at the same time, should be appropriate to increase the indoor air humidity. Solid wood flooring winter interior cladding panels for sale waxing a solid wood flooring with its own natural texture, high durability and get a lot of consumer favorite. But the use of solid wood flooring geothermal heating users may find that after a winter and summer, the floor cracks.

Experts say that to solve this problem, consumers should fight solid wax on the floor. Relevant experts revealed that solid wood flooring often retain a certainadd a rail to a deck amount of water, in the case of winter geothermal warming, the floor water loss shrinkage, the gap between the floor will increase.

At this point, the floor marked with solid wax, will reduce the rate of expansion from the seam. Winter climate is relatively dry, as far as possible to shorten the window time, in the room to increase the appropriate humidity, not only people living are good, the maintenance of the floor is also polymer coating for deck Israel very helpful.

Many owners may think that the winter to let the outside air came in, the city temperature drop, the floor from the seam phenomenon naturally weakened. In this regard, the experts said that the real reason for the emergence of the floor from the humidity, rather than temperature. In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more saturated the state of water, that is, the humidity inside the house in winter even higher than the outdoor. This time will be outside the cold air in exchange, will only make the room more dry. Equipped with an air humidifier is very directpergola kit canada and effective.


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