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The basic premise of using the floor

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Good floor needs good maintenance, which is like a good car needs good maintenance is the same reason. The floor must be used after 48 hours of full installation, such as placing furniture,easy install wood plastic fence cleaning the floor, etc.

It is recommended that the floor be cleaned and maintained after 48 hours of full installation to enhance the physical properties. If you do not stay in time,composite wall panel systems you need to ventilate the room every day. This is in the pre-use of the pre-work, the future maintenance of the floor has an important role.

The daily cleaning of the floor plays an important role in the service life of the floor. In the daily use, it is strictly forbidden to use harmful chemical substances to clean the floor,composite decking liverpool such as: unknown composition of the dust and so on. Daily cleaning, should use the moisture content of less than 30% of the wet cloth to clean up the surface, if the floor stains, such as: vinegar, salt, oil and other contaminated floors, you can use the Golden Eagle special cleaning supplies, do not use gasoline cleaning.

Perhaps you are most concerned about the indoor temperature and humidity problems, the Golden Eagle Iger floor experts recommend you: indoor temperature maintained at 16 �� ~ 24 ��,composite decking planning a baby indoor relative humidity �� 40%, should take humidification measures; indoor relative humidity �� 100% Should be ventilated, the best air humidity between 40 �G ~ 70 �G.


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