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Wood floor paint conservation method door

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1: keep the floor dry, clean, do not use the wet mop mopping or alkaline water, soapy water scrub, so as not to damage the paint brightness, damage the film. In case of gray or dirt can be used dry mop or wring dry wet mop to wipe. One to two months to play a wax,Panneaux de pvc haute densité en italie waxing before the water vapor and stains to clean. The wear frequency of the wooden floor of the hall is relatively high, with special attention to cleaning and maintenance.

2: local floor surface accidentally stained should be promptly removed, if the traces of oil can be wiped with a rag or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of detergent to wipe, can also use neutral soapy water with a little washing spirit scrub. In the case of contamination of a drug,Tapis de sol extérieur longue durée beverage or pigment, it must be removed before the stain does not penetrate the wood surface and wiped with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax. The living room is a place where leisure, play and rest are here, but also pay attention to the daily life of the scratches.

3: After laying the wooden floor, should try to reduce the sun direct sunlight,nouvelle clôture par pied linéaire canada so as not to paint too much UV exposure, early chaos and aging. Place the furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft mats to prevent scratching the floor paint.

4: long uninhabited, the floor should not use plastic sheeting or newspaper cover,panneaux de pin noueux a long time the film will sticky, luster, but also do not use hot water pots and other objects directly on the floor above, so as not to burn the film , Affect the degree of beauty.


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