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water or exposure

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Disadvantages: water or exposure, etc. may produce anti-warping achievements phenomenon.Parquet Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring stability and the stability of solid wood replacement slats for a park bench flooring in one, but also also [ and not easy to deformation, suitable for geothermal heating room.Disadvantages: feet feel more rigid.Silent floor raised the thickness of the floor, such as the market 12 mm thick floor relative to the 8 mm floor foot feel is better, some brands of this floor is still above the floor and below the two layers of cork veneer, so quiet better.

For the crowd: like the quiet family. Antibacterial cheap flooring for front porch floorMost of the current market is the use of composite silver ions for antibacterial mildew, there are also ways to use biological antibacterial, that is, in the back of the floor plus antibacterial agents.

Consumers are aware of the identification of antimicrobial markers issued by the Antibacterial Associat ion Suitable for families: home with weak children and old people. Cork flooring 1x tongue and groove flooring prices Currently on the market there is a plain known as the "sandwich" soft wood floor, it is a combination of softwood and composite flooring, the bottom of the cork, the surface of the composite floor, the middle layer is sandwiched a layer of MDF, its thickness can be achieved 13.4 cm, when people walk in the top, the bottom of the cork can absorb part of the sound, play the role of sound.Suitable for families: all families two story plans with observation decks with floor requirements


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