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problems difficult to overcome,how to finish end cuts of composite decking we have been doing research in this area, short-term The mildew can be handled, long-term mildew or can not be resolved, this is the world's problems. Because there are some sugar inside the bamboo, if it is excluded, the cost will be relatively high,best composite flooring generally can not, if retained, the use of ultra-micro-point will easily lead to mildew, the appearance of the main impact on the larger. SouFun: oil prices rose this

year, artificial also rose,advantages of wooden deck hole core leading to price increases in various sectors of the trend is more obvious, you feel this year's timber industry rose how much? Su Haitao: Prices of wooden products this year may have some special reasons. Wood last year should be the lowest price,how to remove nailed deck boards for reuse after the Spring Festival today, soon rebounded to the highest point. Russia, for example, is the largest exporter of lumber to our country with rising tariffs, so prices go

up. And like the United States, composite patio no cracks boxessome of the information I heard was that some sawmills lifted prices and saw profits as too low . Whatever the reason, these two or three months prices are loaded up. However, timber is a renewable resource. Unlike oil, the more we use less oil,applying redwood lumber over concret porch south afric so from this perspective, I think its gain is controlled. SouFun: still relatively stable, will not rise very exaggerated, not as crazy as oil? Su Haitao: Right. In general,


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