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each person's survival and enhance environmental awareness, solid wood flooring market still exists certain space. To deal with the illusion of the flooring market, low floor prices puerile become floor manufacturers and dealers a wide range of practices, but the high cost of sales methods are mostly lose sales in increasing sales. With the continuous reform of the market, enterprises are gradually mediating the product layout, the trend of strengthening the floor is rapid, artificial wood decking seawater resistant
so many floor companies once humbled the growth of new flooring in

industry has played more 'new tricks' in promotion, especially this year's '51' golden week At home and abroad, the flooring industry, which is best at creating concepts, has come to the fore with new marketing tactics such as Whole Tree, Fulltime and 10 Years Returns. According to the insiders, on the one hand, this shows the innovation of the enterprises in marketing; on the other hand, it is the performance of the industry's competition becoming more rational. Golden Eagle Iger: Battle with the 'whole tree' buy war When the thickness of the local floor is being 'speculation' was in full swing, Golden Eagle Iger is different, take the length of the floor 'shout' up.wood plastic composite storage building
April Golden Eagle Iger first launch of the

'whole tree' series of flooring, people 'eye hot' is not only the longest up to 5 meters of the floor,2x6x8 wall panel decking sale
more attractive is the launch of this '1830' free upgrade ' 2 All Golden Eagle Iger purchase or book the 'whole tree' 1830mm floor of the consumer, you can purchase the bill will be replaced by 2 free for the official launch of the 'full time' service promotion program, the core content is 'Holy Icon GPS System 'to establish a new set of rapid response service operation management system in order to provide consumers with better pre-


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