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market value change

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the Aoguman of length of wide, 2-3m probably between 3500-3600. North America material and African material situation are similar, be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " composite sidewalk decking after busy season upsurge drops, market supply and demand is in relatively the condition of the balance, market value change is not big. The situation of Russia material is relatively special, arrive the quantity remains the same recently

not much, especially the goods of how much does exterior wood paneling cost in Qatar 35/32 is in very rare the condition that be short of, and the announcement that abroad also did not arrive temporarily, supply the price house that decreases to also cause Russia capable person not to fall high. According to investigation of net of Chinese timber industry, the 1-5 class camphor tree that norms is 5.985m for 50*175,Field Fence Installation Cost Per Linear Foot length child soft market

consults the price is 2030 yuan. And the market of SF class dragon spruce that norms is 30 footage for 35*175, length consults the price is 2200 yuan. New whole of bay lumber market is relatively smooth, rise and fall besides value of market of the lumber that do not have a section bigger besides, wood handrails for concrete steps value of other product market is done not have temporarily bigger rise and fall, but because " Jin


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