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HYT H2 White Gold Blue & White Gold Red Watch

For 2014, the Hyrdomechanical Horologists (HYT) will release the new color and material version of the H2 watch that was originally released in 2013 (hand-in-hand here). If you remember, we liked H2 so much that we included it in the list of the top ten watches of the Basel International Watch brand in 2013. H2 is the high-end version of H1 (in this hands-on), this is the model that debuts from HYT for the first time , Combining traditional mechanical movements with liquid indicators. There will be three limited editions in 2014. Here we will introduce two versions of the new liquid colors. The new 18k white gold and titanium alloy H2 models bring a new look to this popular model, with a lovely blue color compared to the green liquid hour indicator. Next is a platinum and titanium model with a cold red hour indicator.

The movement in H2 looks like a piston engine and is produced in cooperation with Renaud & Papi, although they do not participate in the liquid system. With 192 hours of power reserve, it has one minute of retrograde hands, and the time is shown by the blue liquid inside the tube. Basically, you can look at the position of the liquid line on a small timetable. This is a very smart and futuristic system. We really appreciate it. In addition to the initial green liquids, such as red and blue, HYT began to display a series of colors - this year will appear in small batches.copy HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG watch

The appearance of the H2 movement is very magical, its complex three-dimensional structure and all visible functions on the dial, including the balance wheel and most gear trains. The dial also has a crown power reserve indicator and function indicator (manual winding, neutral or time setting). It also happens to have a temperature indicator. Compared with H1, H2 is a more unique and higher-end product, but it is also a more impressive watch art.

H2 is also a big watch. HYT designed a 48.8 mm wide case that consists of titanium and 18k white gold platinum parts. The original H2 only had black coated titanium. The third model is not shown here, very similar to the original one, but with a black and 18K red gold case (reference 248-DG-00-GF-AB). H2 White Gold & Titanium has a lighter metal tone and blue accents than the "Science Kid" appearance of black and green models. The platinum red model is somewhere in between. It's certainly a little understated, but there is a cool, evil appearance. In a sense, this blue and red watch is a bit like the good and evil rebellion and the power of the empire in Star Wars.copy BRM V12-44 V12-44 Gulf White gent watch

HYT H2 Watch Disc

There is no doubt that the second part of the second watch H2 will appear in the second part, and perhaps three will lead to HYT release the second watch. Last year, the "Hydromechanical Horologists" finally teased out H1 timepieces by teasing our sporadic parts. So here is the HYT Calibre 201 manual winding movement, which will use liquid indicators again to help show time and other complications.

The HYT H1 is one of the most impressive watches of 2012 with its unique design, innovative liquid and bellows systems and a relatively competitive price of approximately $45,000. H2 will increase in price, complications and reputation. For H2, HYT collaborated with APRP's Giulio Papi to design this movement. Papi is one of today's most outstanding and creative sports designers. He is the brain of many designers from Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet and so on.

We can see from the 201 caliber that it will retain the liquid's double bellows system and may indicate the hour in the same way. Although the bellows here are diagonally arranged. This movement also seems to connect the twin barrels to achieve a lot of momentum. In addition, the barrel is hollowed out so that you can see how tight the spring is - this is an indicator of power reserve. So now we know that H2 is coming soon. We will publish the full content of the next month at the 2013 Basel International Watch Fair.copy Versace men watches


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