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consumer must leave

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difference is bigger, consumer must leave a heart not to buy poorer floor product with higher-priced. Commonly used the croton of large of one's own accord that makes coloring make outdoor wooden fence singapore a holiday cultivates material to abound, stability is relative OK also, the price that qualification tastes is in 130 yuan - square metre of 170 yuan of / , sexual price is compared pretty good also, but floor of this kind of wood is taller

to machining craft to ask, defective goods is accordingly much. Twin leaf brazilwood and colour of purple heart wood are beautiful, and can produce peculiar change. Former quietly elegant of the color when firm shop is installed, spend period of time, orange red changes after lumber oneself contains some mineral oxidation,kerala fibre wood composite cladding quite beautiful, market price is in 200 yuan at present - square metre of 240 yuan of / ;

Purple heart wood is red when firm shop, can turn into for some time too purple, because material little function actors or actress, market price is controlled in square metre of 300 yuan of /pricing for pressuring washing decks . Besides, floor of Xi'an real wood is familial still have Ren Mu of Lan of Lian of disc beans, Africa, wool, Ding Wen wood, African case wood, its material quality performance is good, but opposite less, the price also does not


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