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advantages of wood-plastic plate

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The damage it brings is very low. As a type of profile, it saves a lot of material, and in terms of price, it is a particularly cheap one, and it is very convenient to use. There are a lot of wood products, usually painted on the surface of a layer of paint, or brushed with a layer of water-based paint, so that it will be attached to harmful gases. But the surface of waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite deck the wood-plastic board will not do any processing, but only after one year of use, it can be carried out under simple brushing maintenance.

The service life of the wood-plastic board is particularly long, and it can be used for at least 10 years. Slightly better can be used for about 50 years. The average lifespan of ordinary wood is only about 4 years. From the physical point of view, after a long period of use, wood-plasticwpc eco wood abu dhabi panels are not prone to cracking, aging, etc., and they also have a good defense against temperature changes and can adapt to temperature differences of minus 40 degrees to 75 degrees. Wood-plastic panels are environmentally friendly wood and can be reprocessed and used without causing too much waste. In addition, there is absolutely no toxic substance in the plate, and a series of processing and installation can be performed.

The process is very simple and convenient. Only by looking at the appearance of the plates can we judge the quality of the plates. The wood-plastic build a stair railing with composite board has a texture on the surface, and can also be designed to produce a variety of shapes. There are also many kinds of colors, which can meet the needs of different groups of people. And its quality is very good, no cracks, deformation. The disadvantages of wood-plastic panels previously mentioned many of the advantages of wood-plastic panels, but it does not mean that it is flawless. Still have disadvantages. It is a relatively fragile plate that cannot withstand too much impact and is relatively poor in toughness. Therefore, special attention should be paid during the handling and use. Never fall down. In the sheet metal market, since wood-plastic sheets are popular among consumers, many unscrupulous merchants use wood flour and closeout deck rail plastics to make wood-plastic sheets.


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