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flooring industry has been pursuing

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type products, many companies also cover multiple product categories,waterproof for laminate flooring from solid wood flooring to solid wood composites. Floors, laminate flooring and other categories have developed in parallel.The energy of a company is limited. If the speed is too fast, and the pursuit of high-speed growth rate, it is necessary to give up a lot, such as technology,seven trust decking laid on ground emerging channels, consumer analysis, etc., the result is that there is a certain market

share and profit in the initial stage. However, in the later period,wood clearance fencing it will be shackled by scale and speed. There is no way to carry out technological innovation, no power to develop new business models, and reform management models.It is difficult to adjust the formed model and say that "the ship is difficult to turn to make shutters out of composite wood" After a company grows from small to large, many of them are a foregone conclusion, such as production

capacity, products, channels, management models, etc., under deck corrugated roofingin order to maintain a certain profit, they have to buy group purchases, etc. The way, price wars and rising costs lead to thinner and thinner profits, and the consequence is a vicious circle.Low-priced inventory in the form of group purchases can no longer solve the most fundamental problems of enterprises,outdeck decking screens by john but it is just a lot of confusion when many flooring companies face the


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